Prom Dress Help Center


CJ Cantu, Editor and Journalist

Worried about finding the right dress? The expense? Well, have no fear because No, Superman isn’t here I am here!

Dress shopping is difficult. When it gets closer to “prom season” stores always find ways to increase prices on dresses. So, I thought I’d give you all a few websites to check out! Now would be the best time to start looking, before “the wave” of price hikes catches us off guard.


#1: MACY’S~ 

Macy’s has got you covered! I’ve ranged the prices to be in the $70-$700*.
(Crazy right?!)
If that’s not to your liking, that’s okay! Because I’m just getting started.


There are some beautiful dresses on here! The price rang is $33-$257*.
Still not convinced? That’s okay!


Don’t let the name fool you. David’s Bridal has prom dresses and right now they’re having a sale!
[ends 05/20/22]
Their price rang is $29-$400*.

#4: ETSY~

Etsy also has an amazing selection of prom dresses! The great thing about the site is you can find any dress from almost any price range! Plus, there are great coupons to use.


Of course, how can anyone forget the basic Amazon?
The price rang is around $55-$1,624*.


TBDRESS has gorgeous dresses. Their price range is $33-$300*.
(Honestly speaking, I might get my dress from here).
As of 02/01/22, they’re having a sale but I’m not sure when it will end.


JCPENNY is also having a sale (again not sure when it will end), but either way their price rang (without discount) is $69-$119*.
With discount it ranges from $17-$23*.


Right now they’re having a sale! So if you’re interested, then I’d suggest getting a dress right away!
The price range (without discount) is $64-300*.
With discount it ranges from $29-200*.


Promgirl has dresses that are affordable and right now they’re having a discount!
Their price range is (with discount) $19-99!


And of course, Walmart. They have 1000+ choices to chose from!
Their price range is $15-$200*.



With that being said, if you’re also looking for accessories all of these websites have accessory sections. So feel free to check it out!

I hope that this year’s prom goes well and if you’re looking forward to it, great!
If not, then feel free to come over and talk to me!

Either way, I hope to see you all there!

Here’s to hoping that everything goes well from now till then.


*all prices do not include shipping cost and I highly recommend buying your dresses early