Tahoma Instagram Pages, Unnecessary?

Tahoma Instagram Pages, Unnecessary?

Callan Underwood, Journalist

Tahoma Worst Parking, Tahoma Slumped, Tahoma Crushes, you name it. These Tahoma High School Instagram Pages made by students have blown up in the past few months.

It is fair to say that these accounts may have gone too far, however, many students are loving the constant content distributed from these accounts.

The main account is @tahomasworstparking, currently sitting at 2,672 followers on Instagram, an absolutely insane amount of people considering it is for a school of 2,750 students.

This might leave many people wondering how they got so many followers, considering every other Tahoma account is below 1,000. Many students love this account leading them to get the most Tahoma attention, but there is another big factor.

Multiple students made videos on Tiktok about this account, one of them getting an astounding 1 Million views. (https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdreypv2/) This caused tons of people that don’t even go to Tahoma to follow the account.

Another top-tier account is @thsworstposture, sitting at 894 followers on Instagram.

This list goes on.

Barstool Tahoma, Tahoma Slumped, Tahoma Snores, Tahoma Crushes, Tahoma Biggest Losers, Tahoma Worst Bozos, Tahoma ******* *****.

You get the point.

Where will these go? There are hundreds of these accounts all with a surprising amount of followers on each.

Where will people draw the line? Will there be a line at all?

It seems like as a community we have already crossed the line, however the only way to stop is Instagram stepping in.

One thing we shouldn’t tolerate is cruelty.

Make sure to report to Instagram accounts that you believe represent crossing the line.