Rock Climbing: An Excellent Extracurricular At Power Hour

Calling Everyone Who Wants to Climb Something…


Adaline McDowell, Journalist

Have you forgotten the high quality rock climbing wall towering in our school’s Auxiliary gym? For some students at Tahoma Senior High, it’s practically all you could think about during the pitiful 3-lunch schedule month of October!

Now that we’re entering mid November and there’s time for activities besides a routine scavenge for food and friends on your assigned floor; it’s an excellent opportunity to take a refreshing peep at a possible hobby; which up until the first of this month, lay cast in the dusty rear of the Tahoma extra curricular closet. So what are we waiting for?!

During a couple of my power hours last week, I was able to go down to the Auxiliary Gym a handful of times. I was awed as I watched my peers scale those rock walls like practical spiders. There was one climber off the wall however. I made my way over to the spot he was seated at on the bleachers, opposite the rock wall. His name is Nathan Wengreen, a fifteen year old freshman, and he was kind enough to accept my interrogation. Take a look at what one of your peers had to say on the subject of this sport. 

 *Nathan Wengreen, as featured (belayer) in photo

How did you find out about rock climbing?

“I’ve loved rock climbing for a long, long time. I started climbing about when I was like 7- Not consistently then though. There have been some years when I’ve gone climbing once a week, and other years I’ve only gone once a month. I heard there was rock climbing at power hour from my brother, who’s a senior this year. ”

Do you rock climb outside of school?

“Yes. I like Stone Gardens. Good lead (clips vs having a rope on the top it’s meant for more intense climbing, clip into belaying spots as you go instead of being clipped into one spot.) and top rope.”

What made you want to rock climb?

“I love climbing things. I also love climbing high, top rope climbing, better than climbing low, bouldering. It’s been a good outlet for me. ” 

What was a favorite climb you’ve had?

I like a lot of routes. There’s a really good route I like out in Stone Gardens. It was a 5’ll c or b. It was technical. Over a ledge you had to cross. It was super fun!

Why would you recommend this sport to someone?

It’s very accessible to your skill level and it’s very physically active. For everyone who wants to climb something, like a tree; it’s very fun to be able to express this on a wall. The problem solving involved is very rewarding. It’s not just physical strength but lots of technique.”


Power Hour A/or B 

Tip: The earlier you show up the better! Since you’ll want as much climbing, and less pack/set up time as possible.


Auxiliary Gym, last door to the left after the locker rooms. You can’t miss the distinct rock wall ornate with hundreds of multi-colored grips, practically pleading to be used.

What should I bring?

If you haven’t turned in a climbing waiver to your PE teacher, bring that with you!

Tip- This is pretty much common sense for most, but wear pants. Non-movement restricting ones are best, but if you’re in a pinch, your fellow climbers won’t boot you for rocking a favorite pair of  jeans.

No other high school in our state boasts this epic feature. So why not take advantage of it? Round up a few friends next lunch and try scaling one of Tahoma’s very own indoor Rock Climbing courses, next power hour. Belay on!