School work affects mental health of students


Keimani Leonard, Writer

Schoolwork is a major factor in students’ mental health, And I think especially last year when we were all online school was a lot harder and students went into a depressive state, because of the feeling of things being too hard and that things won’t get better. 

Let’s be honest, it was really hard to keep up our spirits and hope that everything will be okay when nothing was okay everything was absolutely terrible especially because of all the destruction COVID caused. The teachers in school expect everything you do or turn in to be perfect and that’s what they want so they reward perfectionism and that put’s more stress on the students and makes it seem like even if they do their best it’s not enough. 

A website that advocates for student mental health called states that “The fear of not meeting teacher’s expectations for due dates can take a serious toll on a student’s mental health. Whether it be finishing history homework or studying for an upcoming test in English that a student has to get at least get an 87% to keep their A”.

To me, this is so true, since I am a freshman I didn’t know that sometimes in certain classes you need to get a certain like percentage to keep the grade you have or to pass a test and in my opinion, this puts pressure on students and makes it seem like even if they do their best it’s not good enough.

Listverse, another website stated that “Being a teenager is hard enough without having to face difficult times at school; it can lead to a student feeling sadder and sadder for weeks or even months. Many students can feel crushed by the workload and pressure and resort to giving up, feeling the emptiness consume them. They detach themselves more and more from school, the teachers, everything, impairing their mental health and, of course, their grades”.

And the fact is that adults like parents and teachers think that teenager’s lives are so easy and that we have nothing to worry about when that is not at all the case not only do we have a bunch of homework we also have chores and responsibilities given to us by our parents and being so busy that you feel overwhelmed and miserable and for me, it sometimes even gets to the point that I have no time for friends or social life.

The bottom line is yes schoolwork affects students mental health negatively sometimes however I also think if you are struggling contact a teacher, talk to your parents or an adult you trust, and know that as long you try your best it will be okay and if you need to take a mental health day to just let all your stress melt away and take a few deep breaths.

“you are enough, you have nothing to prove to anybody” -Maya Angelou