Breaking the Tahoma code.


Bella Hutchinson

Over the course of the many times I’ve been new to different districts, I’ve noticed each of them have their own unique system. 

Some of them require you to take a few classes that you might have not taken previously while some other schools have you go back a grade. Tahoma’s way of welcoming students and new teachers is a different approach that can come off stressful, aggravating and confusing. 

With students not being able to go to school last year there’s been a lot of confusion involving assignments, getting things due on time, figuring out where your classes are, etc. being in such a different environment can make things uneasy and stressful to students as well as teachers.

Most of the time it depends on the teachers you get or the counselors you are assigned. That can make it easier or not, with the stress meter so high from the way they handle things it makes it stressful and not as welcoming for new students. Should they come up with a new way to approach things and their system?

As a student that was previously homeschooled, the system has made it so hard for me since they have it marked that I’ve missed assignments that I wasn’t here for, making my grades drop from an A to an F in the span of just a few days. 

On top of that, with the district’s Wi-Fi being very unpredictable was very difficult to even turn assignments in on time while  at school which can affect school grades. 

Freshmen Brylee Gianacakos says, “ They don’t help students go over anything, It’s been pretty difficult learning and meeting new people. Some teachers don’t explain things very well which can make it hard to learn things.” She also adds, “To help new students socially could be with clubs since it’s a good way to be social and to get out of your comfort zone a bit”.

Could this problem be affecting our school reputation? 

They should have more clubs that everyone can be interested it and that everyone gets. If you see a student that is new and you keep pressuring them to participate in things, it can make things uncomfortable,” says sophomore Marifer Ramirez Gonzalez. 

With that being said, should teachers be properly introduced to new teachers?

Marifer adds, ” Teachers and new teachers should absolutely be introduced because how else would they be able to connect properly.” Freshmen Brylee Gianacakos also says, “I think teachers should meet new teachers 100% because our school is so big and there’s so many new people, I think it would help us all out for the school and community”. 

This topic should be brought up more because this is most definitely a concern to a lot of people including myself, not only that but this could potentially ruin the schools reputation, let alone it affecting students’ mental health.    

Do you think the school can help new kids fit in better educationally and socially wise? If so, how should they approach it, and when?