Extreme Ironing is My New Favorite Sport

Kieran Hoskinson, Writer

Football may be the American “go-to” sport, but it pales in comparison to the gold pile I’ve found during my internet adventures.

Extreme Ironing.

Phil Shaw invented Extreme Ironing in the 1990s, and yes, people still do it today.

Some may say it’s dumb and dangerous, but I say it’s amazing. Nothing got my adrenaline pumping more than typing “Extreme Ironing” into my search bar and seeing image after image of people jumping off cliffs, getting strapped to the back of moving cars, and even scuba diving all while making their shirts wrinkle-free.

Want a rush, a thrill, or a cure for your boredom? Try Extreme Ironing! Now, I’m not telling you to hook yourself on the side of a cliff and start going at it (ya, some hero did that). But I am telling you to iron at an extreme level, even if it’s only extreme to you.

For those of you out there begging me to tell you where you need to go to get your fix of extremely flattened clothes, in an extreme fashion, I have good news for you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages (preferably 18+), the places you go to extreme Iron are…….anywhere! That’s right, anywhere! The world is your limit as long as you have the guts to try it. So get out there, take photos, iron clothes, and most importantly, have fun.