Masks at Tahoma: Is the Mandate Being Followed?


Francesca Huser, Writer & Editor

As the new school year starts, we have some new rules for our students to follow, for example, having to wear a mask when you’re on the campus while still socially distant. While most of these students are following our guidelines being created by our Governor Jay Inslee, a bunch of students have taken the mandate into their own hands.

I asked a few of our students the question, “is the mask mandate being followed here in Tahoma?”

“Definitely not.” Says junior Katelyn Raybell. “The amount of masks not being worn properly is upsetting. Teachers have to remind kids constantly. It’s always the same people as well. The school seems like they’re trying to enforce it but I haven’t witnessed it. If you wear a mask under your nose, you might as well not wear one at all. It’s not effective.” 

She also states “Just because it’s comfortable for YOU to wear it incorrectly doesn’t mean it’s safe for others around you. The mask mandate applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination status. Please mask up so we can stay in school.” 

Even as COVID cases rise and fall, many students are very passionate about masking up when some aren’t.