Masks during the Pandemic

Mia Menghini, Writer

Ever since the pandemic started, masks have had an impact on everyone. The constant reminders of the importance of covering our face and remembering to bring a face covering everywhere we go is a part of our reality.  Over the last 2 years, we’ve had to deal with online school, barely any activities and a fundamental lack of communication. As we continue to fight through this pandemic, when will this end?

A student at Tahoma High School, I’ve come to realize how drained and unhappy students are becoming. The energy isn’t the same as it used to be and it’s not better that there are multiple boundaries and frequent boredom due to movement restrictions throughout the day.

I agree with staying safe and healthy in school, but we are constantly seeing our friends outside of school without masks and are around groups of people without any problem.

I understand the importance of wearing our masks especially for everyone else’s sake, but when and how will this go away?

We need an end in site for our sanity.