Tahoma Wifi Continues to Drop


Joe Young

 A big problem at Tahoma high school is the Wi-Fi. For example, while writing this article the Wi-Fi went out eight times. There are many factors to why the Wi-Fi is so slow. A main part is that everyone is on the Wi-Fi at the same time, but that’s not something that we can control. Another part of the Wi-Fi being slow is because of how many websites that the school has blocked. Some sites that are blocked are unnecessary to block.

Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, YouTube, and Disney plus are blocked. When students are at school they are not going to look up things that they shouldn’t. A lot of teachers and students are not happy with the Wi-Fi being slow because they can’t get any work done.

Kylie Miller said “I couldn’t take tests or quizzes because the Wi-Fi was out.” That sentiment is echoed throughout the building – can’t get work done because the wife cuts in and out during class.

Having slow Wi-Fi is a significant problem because almost all work is completed and posted online. When the Wi-Fi keeps cutting in and out you can’t be productive. Students can’t work on their assignments if they don’t have Wi-Fi. Teachers can’t clarify learning targets without the materials to reinforce skills – materials that are online.

A way that this problem can be fixed is to unblock websites that don’t need to be blocked. Another reason the Wi-Fi is so slow is because all the school districts Wi-Fi is on the same Wi-Fi. A way to fix that is for every school to have its own Wi-Fi.

Whatever is decided, it needs to be done. More than a month into school and a routine of working in class rather than working around the problem needs to become the norm.