Maple Valley Hit and Run


Brenner Culp and Madison Forte


On the morning of July 18th, 2021, a local man by the name of Gregory Moore was struck around 3:00 AM on his morning walk in a tragic hit and run, which lead to his death. Officials say his death could have been prevented had the driver simply pulled over and called 911. Further investigation has led to the perpetrator being identified as a 15-year-old girl whose identity has thus far been withheld by law enforcement due to minor identity protection laws.

Information we were able to receive however was quite illuminating to the situation. It can be confirmed by Prosecutor Dan Satterberg that she was arrested on September 10th, 2021. Her father turned her in. She was driving without a license and driving her grandmother’s car. There were two eyewitnesses who were confirmed to have been in the car with her, who claimed she stated “I’m gonna bump him to scare him!” Her actions resulted in a 2nd-degree murder.

Further investigation has led authorities to believe that the perpetrator was involved in a second hit and run due to dents, marks, and dashboard video proof on the passenger side of the vehicle. The suspected victim was an adult white man and is believed to have been hit by the same Toyota Camry, 1 or 2 days before Moore’s death. It is likely the man sustained serious injuries and or lacerations after being struck by the passenger side of the car. His identity and whereabouts are unknown. The accused is being charged with a felony hit and run, as well as 2nd-degree murder. And has pled not guilty But that begs the question, will she be tried as an adult or minor? Greg’s wife Michelle Moore has started a go-fund-me to get her tried. According to the RCW section 13.04.030 for Juvenile Court, if she is found guilty of committing another murder in the second degree, she could very well get prosecuted as an adult.