Staring at a Soggy Sandwich? Try This Instead!

Every Tahoma food-loving Student’s chef kiss

Staring at a Soggy Sandwich? Try This Instead!

Adaline McDowell, Journalist

Ever find yourself dreaming you’re at a decent restaurant somewhere local while you’re slumped on a plastic picnic bench on school grounds, staring at a soggy sandwich? 

Well, you are not alone. That’s why on Wednesday, September 15th, was every food-loving soul’s favorite day of the week. On that day, Tahoma High School had not just one restaurant’s cuisine available, but a fair handful of food trucks to select your mid-day meal from.

Famed Maple Valley pizzeria, Cascadia Pizza was stationed up on our school grounds, accompanied by a taco, coffee, and even a pie truck this Wednesday. This delicious lineup was chef’s kiss.

“I got pizza. It’s one of my favorite pizza places actually, they come to my neighborhood all the time,” said Katelyn Raybell, a Tahoma student who seemed to be content with her lunch.

The catch? The decades-long wait in line. 

“The only reason I ended up getting food was because my friend’s classroom was right next to the line and she saved me a spot…” 

But if you’re really feeling that hazelnut latte, this wait will only add to the pleasurable experience of out-of-school sent takeout. 

I entered the rear of the emerging line for a coffee camper with my best friend at about 10:05 am. 60 minutes later we found ourselves facing the truck window where we handed the single employee on duty our order, and skipped away, a fresh pleasure to our stride, now with a cold brew latte and one hazelnut steamer, between our two pairs of hands. 

“I would say it’s worth the wait.”

I agree with Katelyn completely. The warm steamer in my hand snuffed out any remorse I would have had upon arriving late to class under any other circumstance.

If you’re going to be late, be late fashionably. That’s my motto. 

What doesn’t follow this statement better than striding into English class with a steaming French latte in your grip. Besides, did it ever hinder anyone to have a slice of fresh-fire roasted pizza and a more decent dose of caffeine? I think not.