Gas Station Prices across Maple Valley

Kieran Hoskinson, Writer

Today I set out on a perilous journey to find the best gas station for average junk food. This amazing idea originated from when I stopped going to one gas station and switched over to another because the prices were pretty nice. So now I stand here in your imagination to give you the cheapest way to get your sugary fix, for the cheapest price. To do this I realized that I don’t want to go into gas stations alone, so I took my friend Finn with me.

Now together we thought of the perfect test to rate any gas station with the best possible accuracy, were gonna look for one-liter Dr. Pepper, a small bag of Doritos, and share size Skittles at every single gas station across Maple Valley.

Immediately I can eliminate three gas stations: Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Valley Food Mart. They did not have all the items listed. Valley food mart only had Dr. Pepper for the higher prices of $2.49. Safeway only had Doritos for $1.99, and Fred Meyer had none of the items listed.

This leaves three: Chevron, Circle-K, and Shop Fast. The decision was made based on total price of all items.

Chevron had a really good price. The pricing for our three exquisite items are as follows; Dr. Pepper $2.39, Doritos $1.29, and the Skittles $2.19.

Next up is Circle-K. The price for a Dr. Pepper was $2.29, beating Chevron by 10¢. Doritos sold at the highest price of $1.99. The Skittles at $2.19 were the same as Chevron.

Last, and hopefully the least, is Shop Fast. Shop Fast starts off rough with a steep price of $2.59 for Dr. Pepper.  The Doritos completely negated the steep price of the Dr. Pepper, simply because it costs a phenomenal 99¢, the best price out of all the gas stations on the list. Now Shop Fast sells Skittles for an unheard of price – $1.59.

Adding up the total prices, Circle-K came out with a total of $6.47, coming in last place out of the three. Next is Chevron with a total of $5.87, beating Circle-K by 59¢. And last, and yes, the least is Shop Fast in all its glory. With a total price of $5.17, Shop fast takes first lead with a sizable gap in pricing of 70¢ from Chevron!

I now declare that in all of Maple Valley, Shop Fast is the best gas station to go to for any of your sugary snack needs. With this said, I’ll pay a proper tribute to the runner-ups, Chevron and Circle-K. Though they may not have beaten Shop Fast at prices, they are still cheap places to get what you’re looking for.

Each gas station includes far more of a selection than just the three items that I chose – more diverse soda, candy, and chips for your selection.

In terms of easiest to find, that goes to Chevron and Circle-K. Though Shop fast is in plain sight, it’s far less noticeable than Chevron and Circle-K because of their unique designs. Chevron is not surrounded by anything and has a nice blue to stand out and catch your eye, while Circle-K is Build from a nice brick and is mainly orange that will pull you in.

All in all I’d say all the gas stations are worth your visit.