Tahoma Student Parking Lot


Jack Gleason

Tahoma High School has roughly 2,800 students enrolled this year (2021).

Seniors and Juniors are eligible to drive to school and almost all drive themselves or carpool to school each day.

The total amount of parking spots are 530. If all spots are taken, that leaves 870 students that have to ride the bus or walk.

Students must purchase a parking ticket with a registered vehicle in order to park. If students park without a pass with a registered vehicle it is a $15 fine for the first offense, a $20 fine for the second offense, and a $25 fine and a suspended parking pass for the third offense.

Students that park without a pass with an unregistered vehicle will pay $15 for the first offense, $25 for the second offense, and for the third offense, the car will be towed.

Many students have complained about how crowded the parking lot is and the inconvenience of waiting in traffic for an absurd amount of time whilst trying to get home or to after-school activities.

I am one of those students who drive to school and park in the student parking lot. School ends at 2:10 PM every day except Friday. I have to be at work before 3 PM, but it is nearly impossible to get out of the parking lot before 2:30 PM and go home and then get to work on time.

A couple of my friends have decided to not drive separately and to carpool to solve the traffic problem.  A solution I am working on is contacting the principal to get me in contact with the person who gives permission to build onto the school to try and get them to expand the parking.

Many students would appreciate a bigger parking lot to reduce the time spent in traffic each day.