Halloween Alternatives

Noelle Gianackos, Staff

My family, just like many others this year, will not be celebrating the beloved October holiday, Halloween, traditionally. So, you must be thinking, “Oh no, this is my favorite holiday! What do we do?” Well do I have some safe and fun tricks to get you some treats! 

Now, my brother helped me come up with this one, a room to room trick or treat experience! From the name you can already guess where this is going, basically, everyone in the household will decorate their bedrooms all spooky and then those who don’t want to trick or treat can stay in their room with candy and wait for their family members to come and knock on the door to ask for candy from you. It’s a fun way to still get all dressed up and celebrate with your loved ones! 

This next one my mom saw online, you get some sort of long pipe or tube that can fit candy in it, then you put one end at the door and the other end down the driveway. That way, you can wear gloves and have hand sanitizer at the driveway end of the tube so that when you slide the candy down the tube it’s safe for everyone involved! 

Another way is to treat it like Easter instead! Have a candy hunt, hide some baskets of candy or plastic easter eggs filled with candy all around the house. You can still wear your costume while going and getting some candy, just now with less chance of being poisoned by a stranger! 

Honestly, this pandemic makes it so much easier to feel safe while celebrating such a dangerous holiday. I often fear I might find a razor blade in a Snickers or be poisoned by some Smarties, but now if you just stay inside and celebrate with your family you won’t be risking all of that, unless your family has some bad blood with you then you’re clear. Personally, I don’t care what alternative you pick as long as you find a way to be happy through this troubling time and don’t endanger others. Have a real spooky Halloween and be safe, not stupid!