Halloween Town Review

Max Zerbato , Student Journalist

This 1998 classic Halloween tale was a movie I just had to see. Seeing that it was 80 percent on rotten tomatoes and that 90 percent of google users liked the movie, I thought I would take a dive in to the fun as well.

    Normally I am not a big movies fan, unless the movie is correlated with sports other things of my interest but, we are in that time of year so I had to see what the hype around Halloweentown was about. 

   The plot and storyline of this movie was great, their was a lot of moments that I found interesting regarding the family finding out they live in a long tradition of witches without even knowing. I also thought it was very interesting how the title of the movie really played into the actual plot of the movie with the reading of a story called Halloweentown. Great scenes that I think kids would really enjoy and find fun to watch.

   Overall this movie was a joy to see and experience and it really puts you in the spirit for halloween and fall in general. With all the crazy things that have happened in 2020 you could use a little time to sit down and enjoy something to put you in the fall spirit.