Lacrosse During Covid

Taylee Alldredge, Staff

As the Tahoma lacrosse teams are part of a club they have been able to start playing again with some restrictions while other high school teams have not. The players have been able to gather to play together but not only do they have to wear masks when they arrive they have to stay 6 feet apart the whole time. But these restrictions actually can help the players get better then would if they played normally.

While playing lacrosse the players are expected and reminded (constantly) to stay 6 feet apart. To help with social distancing they are also broken into smaller groups of about 6. There are 3 total groups and each group works on a different drill.

One lacrosse player Jessi Dobruki said “Since we’re in smaller groups, the coaches have more time to focus on each player individually rather than watching them in a group of 18 people. That way they know what to have us do in order to train. And the way our coach is having each practice get harder, is a great way to help players improve. And since there’s less people, you can get more reps in during each drill”. Gillian Horst a sophomore  also thinks it will help with gaining skills as she says “Coach Dan will be able to focus on individuals and things like that since we have not gotten into the full season, I am not exactly sure how it’s going to affect us overall but I could definitely see it having a positive impact. Since it’s a small group coach Dan is able to single you out easier.”

While our skills are going to improve from the repeated reps on the skill building drills being split up into smaller groups separates the team. Jessi Dobruki, a freshman, said that while she had worked with some others on the team “Some players it’s hard for me, especially if I’ve never actually met them”. But Gillian Horst thinks that “It’s easier to meet everybody because of the way coach Dan is mixing up the groups”. Being split up into groups can help the team become closer if they are mixed up each time as they are forced to meet the people in their group and work with them. “I’m glad we get to play even if it’s in this format I’m still glad”. (Gillian Horst)