Assembling the Perfect Subway Sandwich

Jon Gerena, Staff

Ever since 2020 decided to try to kill us all we’ve been able to focus

on the important things in life. Such as what exactly to put on your 

sandwich when you visit the best place on earth, Subway! Some

people just put things on willy-nilly or pick one of the menu options

but to that I say N O. Join me as I teach you how to do Subway right.

Part 1, Bread. Bread is quite possibly the easiest choice. Just do 

whatever the hell you want. It’s all up to you, but the other sections 

require much more planning.

Part 2, Meat and Cheese. Meat and cheese is the second and biggest 

choice when assembling your sandwich, If you are looking to toast your

sandwich I recommend a more complex tasting meat and cheese like

pepperoni and pepperjack, whereas if you are looking to keep it cool

I’d choose a more simple combo like chicken and cheddar.

Part 3, Veggies. Now we move on the the final part of our

perfect sandwich, the most important part of this step is picking veggies

that compliment your meats and cheeses, know what compliments well.

If you picked the pepperoni and pepperjack combo from earlier you’re 

going to want things that amp up that spicy flavor such as green peppers 

and onions. But ALWAYS make sure to add some filler such as 

lettuce (or spinach if you are gross) because without filler the meats and

cheese will overpower your veggies and all of the juices will get your bread


Part 4, Sauce. Sauces are the most simple step, oil is always a must, 

both for the healthy fats and flavor it provides, other than that your sauce

choice is largely up to you. The sauce is mainly a small flavor to add on 

top of your sandwich, so go ahead and pick your sauce with reckless 


Part 5, added input from people. Now Subway is very personal so I asked

some people, both close to me and not to show what different people enjoy.

Me: what do you think makes the best Subway sandwich?

My Mother: Whole wheat bread with cheddar cheese and spinach, cucumbers, olives, and onions.

Some dude I harassed in a grocery store line: Italian bread with tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and mayo.

Part 6, conclusion. As you can see, different people like different things. So try and figure out what your perfect sandwich is. And if you don’t like Subway… Don’t talk to me.