Halloween 2020 is still happening?

Halloween 2020 is still happening?

Daniela Freiman, Staff

Halloween is just around the corner and people need to know what’s been happening. Many states have already taken action about the pandemic, health experts are arguing whether it’s safe or not for people to be gathering in big groups and parties during October. There has been conflict from both sides whether it is safe or not.


“It’s going to be tough, but there are creative ways to do it as long as you can stay within those parameters of distancing and masking hygiene,” said Dr. Yvonne Maldonado.  People have been in isolation for over 5 months and it’s time to come out “People feel that Halloween celebrations are more important than ever this year” says Frederic J. from an article in The New York Times.


Disney parks have canceled their annual “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party,” and Universal Studios shut down all Halloween Horror Night events. Some kids have been waiting all year to go trick-or-treating and but the risks still stands, Chaunie Brusie says “As a Mom of 5, I’ll feel relieved if Halloween is canceled this year”

If we look at this from a different perspective “a year without Halloween doesn’t sound half bad.” says Chaunie. “Going outside to trick-or-treat while keeping our distance seems fair but these ARE kids and I don’t think staying 6 feet apart will work,” says Katy, a mom of 3.  People can still meet up at social gatherings, eat candy, and have fun despite the pandemic.