NBA Bubble Vs. MLB Restart

Max Zerbato , Journalist

   On March 11th the world was shocked as the NBA had to shut down due to covid-19 cases surrounding the league. There was many speculation throughout the world about whether the league would be able to comeback without seeing major problems. But the NBA came back in a bubble system that worked great and has now been compared to other sports.

   While the feedback for the NBA has been good, it has not been this way for all leagues. In an Atlantic article, Jemele Hill calls pro baseball “ a courting disaster” because of the way it started the season and how they came back to a non bubble situation.While it is true that the MLB did have a rough start over their first week to the season with a whole team getting the virus and the cancellation of many games.

   The problem I have with this though is that people were overreacting on a situation that frankly we still don’t know a lot about. There are so many different opinions on the virus and how dangerous it really is, that as a professional sports league it is not easy to handle situations like these when they occur.

   But aside from this dreadful start the MLB finished a shortened 60 game season while having a pretty perfect month of September having little to no cases at all. As well as being almost as clean as the NBA down the stretch of the season, the MLB also allowed players to see their families because they were not in a bubble system which was a plus.

     So this theory that the NBA did way better than any other league is laughable to me and was a huge exaggeration. 

    The MLB is currently playing playoff games infront of spread out crounds in the new Globe Life Field, and they have the opportunity to do this because of the protocols and jobs they have done throughout the league. After the first couple of breakouts the MLB has been as good as any league out there regarding their guidelines and productivity as an organization and league.