Schools Should Offer Service Project Opportunities For Students?


Maddy Hardy, Staff

Imagine getting up on Saturday and instead of wasting the entire day playing video games or sleeping, you get up and go help people in your community who are in need. Alongside your friends! You head to your school, meet up with a group of other students, and head out into your community to do some service! Then you head back home after a day of satisfying hard work and eagerly mark the date in two months when you get to do this again!

Service Projects are a neat way to help your community and connect yourself to others. Schools should provide a program where service projects are available every other month so that students could get out and do them together. 

“I enjoy participating in service projects because they make me feel like I’m doing good things.” Student Raven Knibbs provided this statement, as well as how she felt that participating in service projects makes her feel like she’s doing something “that makes a difference”.

Service projects often give people a sense of satisfaction because they’re doing something that benefits their community as well as something that is a worthwhile use of their time. It can make a big difference in a community!

“I’ve noticed I’ve made a lot of friends and I’ve met a lot of people through service that I would not have met otherwise.” Austin Hardy, a service missionary (someone who does service projects daily for a church organization) spoke about how he has benefited from doing service for others. “I’ve been able to see smiles on people’s faces that have helped brighten my day when I’m struggling with something.”

There’s a lot of neat people that you can meet while you participate in a service project, and you might not have even realized how cool some of them are. It can also be really fun to see how service has changed other people, because as Austin said service “can be something that helps when we’re weighed down”. 

“Sometimes it’s hard to get the motivation to get started, but once I’m there I do quite enjoy serving and being of service to people.” Austin gave this remark about finding motivation, which can be a pretty hard thing to get. But once you do, service helps everybody involved!