The Conjuring Review

Arianna Brothers, Staff

The conjuring gave me a big scare! The movie was very unique to its type because it wasn’t your typical horror film. It was about the Perrons and their five daughters thats have recently moved into a secluded farmhouse, where a supernatural presence has come upon them. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were called to help to help uncover the demonic possession.

The film had a good amount of scares spread out in the movie, and it wasn’t bloody or gothic, it was more frightening than gory.  The music within the movie was very intense, and nerving, it really made the atmosphere more fearful. Similarly to the scary music, the small sound effects of creaking doors, or the simple sound of wind blowing in the air was very well executed. 

Director James Wan is known for directing,many popular movies, especially horror films, his unique ideas had brought together such amazing movies as, creating a great story line from one movie to the next. 

His directing for The Conjuring’ had been phenomenal, with the supernatural route of movie styles. The actors chosen for the movie played their part perfectly, almost as if they were actually frightened while they were filming. 

I would rate the movie ⅘ stars because of the good story line, and the continuous story after the movies going into other James Wan movies. The execution of the of the actors were amazing. It was very traditional yet modern, which I love in a scary movie, it’s great for a family scare for teens. The movie gave me a lot of jump scares which I enjoyed. The only con is, before the end of the movie it got a little slow, and almost off topic but by the end the excitement came back. I totally recommend this movie for watching, especially halloween night.