the blair witch project the first found footage movie review


Ty Doohan Mitchell, staff

The horror indie film “The Blair Witch Project” Which was released in 1999 was written, directed and edited by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez. Were actress Heather Donahue and actors Michael C. Williams, and Joshua Leonard play a trio of College film students who get lost in a spooky Forest.

The film starts off with a message that tells the viewers that In 1994 3 students went missing a year later the footage ( the movie) was found. the frigate starts off with Heather meeting up with Josh to go meet up with Mike, the three film students head to Burkittsville, Maryland.To film a documentary about the Blair Witch.

The primary main character would be Heather who is played by Herself. Personality is kind of persistent she keeps insisting things which ends up getting the team were lost watch these mistakes eventually come back to haunt her in the most famous scene in the movie.

The most famous scene in The Blair Witch would have to be Apology scene Where Heather cries undo the camera that she is sorry about everything she sorry to her parents, and Josh’s and Mike’s parents,She sorry That the she had the idea to come out to the woods, that she had the idea that they weren’t lost, That they should keep going, And that’s she sorry that everything had be her way. This shot was simple but effective It gives the viewer a emotion that is hard to describe… the acting is so real You really feel sorry for her but you also feel afraid. the scene is only 2 minutes long but it feels like 2 hours…

The film gets a 4.5 stars for me The movie was good on feeding on the viewer’s imagination when I watch the movie Sometimes I would think I saw something movie is the distance or something just sitting in a tree The characters feel real (Especially Heather) however I do have a few nits pics what is there just a bit too much arguing for me. sometimes the characters sound like a broken record about how they “lost the map. “we’ve been here before” “we’re going in circles” and turn off that camera!” However if you view it as them slowly descended into madness it can be ignored. the impact the film industry Was great it started at the genre I found footage ( movies like Cloverfield or Paranormal Activity) the marketing for this movie was great to it was portrayed as this really happened and these people actually went missing. The Blair Witch is possibly one of the most influential movies to be ever be made.