Star wars: Rise of Skywalker, The best choice?

Payton Krier, Staff

On december 20th, 2019, The latest instalment to the Star wars franchise was released. The movie wasn’t the best of the franchise but it had a good plotline and wrapped up the story in a ribbon. It is a great wrap to the franchise and from the reactions I got from other students who had seen the movie they said it very good. The locations bounce around alot so you will want to pay attention, in short, go to the bathroom before the movie because every second is important.

star wars:rise of skywalker
Now in theaters. This image is fair use and property of lucas films.


The movie mostly takes place on a rebel base or (gasp) in space. The last movie didn’t have any big space battles, which is a big part of star wars, But this movie more than compensated for that. With many battles and even cameos from most of the original characters.  


It apparently let people down though, coming in with a 54% on rotten tomatoes and a 6.9/10 stars on IMDB. It didn’t let me down, I appreciated the scenery and the many references to the original three movies , I would say it is totally worth it to go see Rise of Skywalker in theaters.