Tame Impala Releases New Absolute Banger “It Might Be Time”

Ella Woolsey, Staff

Tame Impala has received extensive praise from us Gen Z’s. After they released their now critically acclaimed record Currents, their absolute bop The Less I Know The Better amassed millions of listeners. Their music has marked a turn in pop culture, where casual music fans have begun to expect more from their superstars, ushering in an era of artful production and thoughtful lyricism.

Flash forward to 2019, and after a four year hiatus, Tame Impala has released their new single It Might Be Time.

Just over the summer, the band had released two dialed back yacht rock-y singles Borderline and Patience. The songs had very little pizzazz compared to their past songs and the song they’d release later in the year, but still had that signature Tame Impala groove, even without the intensity.

It Might Be Time has caused people in the hall to glare at me because I’m listening to it too loudly, but to be completely honest, I can’t bring myself to care. All decked out with a synth pulsating with every beat, soft reverberating percussion, and Kevin Parker’s lively vocals all leading into a chorus packed with a wailing guitar, stabbing drumbeat, and new wave-esque synthesizer, creating a sensation comparable to a psychedelic trip (helped in no small part by the fake-out stops that reoccur several times).

The song and incoming record explore similar themes as their prior, as described by Parker, “Part of the thing about me starting an album is that I have to feel kind of worthless again to want to make music… The ironic thing is, if I’m feeling on top of the world or feeling confident or like everything’s good, I don’t have the urge to make music.” It Might Be Time hits very close to home for Tame Impala’s teen fanbase, at a time where a lot of us have to face that “you ain’t as young as you used to be”.