Who Serves the Best Cheeseburgers in Maple Valley

With many fast food places in Maple Valley, who truly wins in a fight for who serves the best cheeseburger?


Nichole Peters, Staff

According to the Pew Research Center, there are around 50 million Americans who eat fast food everyday. In Maple Valley, there are multiple fast food restaurants, including McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, and Burger King, among others. These fast food places all serve a variety of mostly delicious but not-so-healthy food, such as the basic cheeseburger. But which of these fast food cheeseburgers is truly the tastiest in Maple Valley? I decided to find out for myself.

First, I decided to head over to McDonald’s to try their single cheeseburger. I bought two cheeseburgers in a meal which included a large serving of fries and a medium drink. One cheeseburger itself was quite thin. Taking my first bite, my taste buds were immediately greeted by a savory taste which I enjoyed quite a bit. There was something that was a bit watery on the inside, which took away from the pleasant taste of the beef patty that was inside.

A Dairy Queen cheeseburger sits unwrapped, ready to be devoured.

I then traveled to Dairy Queen, the home of the blizzard and the 5-buck-lunch. I thought that the burger was quite tasteful, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Although it was clearly thicker than the McDonald’s burger, it was quite loose and seemed a bit messy in the wrapper. I had to hold it rather tightly to stop the contents from falling out completely. The taste of the contents did make up for that flaw, though.

To cap off my journey to find the best cheeseburger in Maple Valley, I checked out Burger King to see if it lives up to its title. Here, I only ordered a single cheeseburger and a medium drink. The burger here was the thickest of the three burgers I tried, which seemed very promising. It proved to be not as promising as I previously thought when I bit into it. The beef patty had a bitter taste that burgers should not have, and even the ketchup tasted weird. Despite it’s good looks, this burger did not live up to its expectations.

After trying these three fast food cheeseburgers, I came to the conclusion that while they may look similar, they are definitely not equal in taste. From trying the Burger King cheeseburger, I learned that looks can be deceiving, putting it in last place of the three. I thought that the Dairy Queen cheeseburger was the best, with the McDonald’s cheeseburger coming in at a very close second. Honestly, while most of us know that we should probably just grill up our own burger or even just eat a salad, nothing beats the potentially detrimental-to-our-health, yet undeniably palatable, fast food we have available to us.