Canon EOS T6 Review

A in-depth look at the budget friendly camera

Daniel DiMascio, Staff

I’ve had the T6 for about a year and in that time i’ve used it for a little bit of everything. From portraiture to astrophotography. I have compiled a few things that I like and don’t like about the T6.

 Lets start of with the pros:

  • The camera is cheap at around $400 new and $250 used it is very affordable for most people looking to upgrade from their smartphone.
  • The T6 has WiFi and NFC connectivity built in which makes it super easy to transfer your pictures from your camera to your phone and share them.
  • The T6 is easy for anyone to use due to its many scene auto modes.
  • The T6 has a Canon EF lens mount, which means that it supports the hundreds of lenses that Canon offers.

And now to the cons of the T6:

  • The T6 is getting up there in age which means that some of its features are getting to be a little outdated.
  • The T6 would benefit from a higher resolution sensor to give more freedom when cropping and help reduce noise in the images.
  •   The T6 lacks an articulating display which makes it hard to see the screen when shooting in awkward angles. 

Overall the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a good choice if you’re looking for a camera to take pictures of your vacation, or your pets, or if you just want to take pictures of your friends over the weekend. Some images i’ve taken below:

50mm, F/2.5  1/60 sec. ISO: 400
50mm f/1.8 1/250 sec. ISO 100
300mm f/5.6  ISO 3200