Looking for a classic halloween movie to watch? This timeless film has kept us entertained for over 25 years

This timeless film has kept us entertained for over 25 years

Kaitlyn Armstrong and Julia Stuard

It’s the time of year for jack o lanterns and corn mazes, haunted forests and scary movies. It’s Spooky Season once again! All ages enjoy this haunted holiday. Who doesn’t? But the real question of the season is what is the best Halloween movie to watch?

Many people enjoy being frightened and love scary movies for Halloween- but some just don’t. We recently did an Instagram poll to show how many people like scary movies and how many people do not. 

67% of high school students polled said that they like scary movies, and 33% said they didn’t. But this is not a pattern for all ages. Younger children are easily scared, and would definitely not enjoy the movies that their older siblings would be watching. 

We feel that the best Halloween movie for all ages is the Disney movie, Hocus Pocus. It is a seasonal classic for this time of year and is a must-see. It was released in 1993, and has been keeping us entertained ever since.

The movie tells the tale of three witches who come back from the dead by the works of a teenage boy in Salem, Massachusettes. 

The beginning of the story takes place in 1693. The three witches, the Sanderson sisters, kidnap a young girl and killed her in the process of them casting a spell on her to regain their youth. The witches are hanged for their actions but not before the sisters cast a spell that makes it possible for them to come back from the dead on Halloween night.

The story then cuts to present day (which was 1993, at the time) and tells the story of a teenage boy and his younger sister who had just moved to Salem. The town where the Sanderson’s lived in their day. One incident leads to another, and the boy  brings the witches back to life.

The rest of the movie shows the kids struggle to make the witches go for good while trying to protect the town. 

This halloween classic is always a good option for a fun movie to get you ready and excited for halloween. This movie can be a good movie to watch for people who don’t like scary movies, and those who do. It’s a good family movie to watch during this season.

Go watch Hocus Pocus if you want a classic family movie to watch this Halloween.