The Reality of Power Hour Activities

Power Hour is a unique tradition at Tahoma – quite unlike other lunches at other schools. There’s enough teacher-led activities for everyone, but that’s not all there is to it. Students run plenty of their own activities during Power Hour, completely separate from the teacher made experiences. 

Senior Brandon Cardoza explained that he and his friends play various card games at lunch. “We used to play a lot of Uno last year, but now we play more stuff with normal playing cards”. Card games aren’t the only activity that students do on their own. Some students, like sophomore Lucia Pearson, just wander around the school aimlessly. She said that her favorite part of doing that was “you get to see what everyone else does. It’s kinda interesting.”

Of course, not everyone is interested in large amounts of exercise during their break from school. Many students play multiple different types of video games during the hour, so many so that it’d be impossible to name them all.

However, the most popular of all the power hour ‘activities’ – if you can even call them that – is just eating lunch and talking to friends. According to the school lunch staff, anywhere from 400 to 600 people buy school lunch any given day, meaning a significant portion of the school certainly has something to eat up during power hour. There’s nothing really better than chilling out with some friends and enjoying the break from a long school day, and a recent poll of 32 students indicated that this was true. 17 of the 32 students asked said they just eat lunch and chat – much higher than the 10 that come up with their own activity, and 5 that regularly go to teacher sponsored Power Hour events.