Storm Area 51

Corbin Ferguson, Staff

“They can’t stop all of us.” An ongoing ‘storm Area 51’ hoax has been a trend for months now, and it has finally happened. 

A man by the name of Matty Roberts, from Bakersfield, California, thought of it as a joke. He never thought that it would ever really happen. More than 50,000 were expected to attend. After months of publicity, even some celebrities said they would attend. This includes Kevin Jonas, Lil Nas X, Keanu Reeves, and more.

Over 2 million people signed up to go to the raid, and it was obvious that most of them were kidding. The 50,000 that were expected to show ended up being around 2,000, and it turns out it was more of a party festival than an actual raid that would’ve indefinitely resulted in a massacre. A U.S. Air Force spokesperson said that they wouldn’t hesitate to kill you if it seemed you were trespassing. But out of the 2,000, only 75 showed up to the military base. None of them really crossed over the line.

The festival was a crazy event across the country. Big brand companies were even trying to get in on the action. Companies like Funyuns, Kool Aid, Bud Light, and even Arby’s were there trying to sell limited edition products to all who attended. All of this was happening in tiny towns in the middle of the Nevada desert. It was a golden opportunity for some of these companies.The main goal of these products was to target an absurd, alien-like theme. Bud Light sold their product in a black can with a green alien at the top saying “greetings earthlings” and more. Arby’s created a galaxy themed milkshake. Funyuns made ads that said they were going to raid area 51, with a picture of an alien eating Funyuns. 

After months of publicity from a joke on facebook back in June, the ‘Storm Area 51’ joke has taken the country by surprise. It didn’t turn out as expected, but it ended up being quite the event for those who attended.