The Tahoma Bears Cross Country Team Race into a New Season

The reigning state champs, the Tahoma Bears cross country team race into a new season with excitement.


Julia Stuard and Kaitlyn Armstrong

The reigning state champs, the Tahoma Bears cross country team race into a new season with excitement.

So what exactly is cross country? Cross country or “xc” is a sport in which a person race on a variety of landscapes including trails, hills, beaches and grass. Similar to track, in cross country you race individually but earn points which contribute to your overall team score. 

A cross country race is a 5k, exactly 3.1 miles, and athletes must train and have a good base of fitness to be successful in this demanding sport.

Sophomore Heidi Suryan is going into her second year of cross country.

She commented, “I like that you always get to run with your friends and how supportive the team is and how much positivity everyone has, it’s a good environment.” 

This team cares about all their teammates and always looks to do their best. Their outstanding dedication and perseverance helps them improve and do better with every race. 

Along with how supportive the team is they are also very successful. Last year the boys cross country team won state. 

We talked to a varsity runner that was on the team last year when they took home the 1st place trophy.  Junior Cameron Stuard explained, “It took a lot of hard work and practice, and a lot of trusting the process to make it happen.”  

He feels strong and excited about what the 2019 season will bring for him and his teammates.  “I’m working hard and my team’s working hard too.”

What does a typical race day look like for the Bears? The athletes typically warm up and jog the course about 30 minutes before their race.  After they finish the race they enjoy the rest of the meet and cheer for their fellow members on the team.

The Tahoma bears  are ready to race into the new season with improved skills. The boys hope to repeat last year’s win at state and the girls are aiming to take home the win as well.

The bears are set for the new season and cannot wait to see what all their hard work will bring.