PDA In Tahoma High School

Riley Oswald and Joey Eigo

When you’re walking down the hallway of your school, do you enjoy seeing your fellow classmates show affection for each other? Do you feel it goes too far sometimes? How far is acceptable? We talked to fellow students, teachers and administrators and collected their thoughts and opinions on this controversial topic.

Most schools have a zero tolerance policy on PDA, because a little kissing can turn into a lot more. We wanted to find out how our school deals with issues like this, so we decided to seek out some administrators around our school to find out what their protocol is. We sought out Mr. Todd, the dean of students at Tahoma High School and former vice principal of Tahoma Junior High.  “Often times it falls under inappropriate social behavior,” he stated. “Anytime we see something that could disrupt the learning environment or that could be offensive, we secretly step in.” He finished with, “the only time it would rise to the level of discipline is if we’ve had that conversation and were back having the same conversation…and if it does rise to that level a real quick phone call home.”

Tahoma’s stance on PDA is pretty relaxed, but does more action need to be taken? JC Humphries, one of our best varsity basketball players, decided to weigh in on the issue. “Disgusted.” That was his response to when we asked how he feels when he sees couples making out in the hall. “I don’t come to school to see that”

Many people claim to be against PDA, but still do it. Senior Anna Reitz told us about her experiences with it when asked. “Yeah actually I have, because I had a boyfriend.” She later went on to say it wasn’t anything extreme. We asked her how it makes her feel when she sees couples making out in the hallway, she said, “I think it’s gross because I don’t want to see that.”

Rosa Ekman, also a senior, explained her stance to us on PDA. “I see couples in the hallway and I gag when I see PDA. I hate PDA, like bad PDA like making out.” When asked what is ok, she went on to say, “A hug or a quick peck I think.” Though she added, “I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing but sometimes it should wait until home.”

You have heard from the students and administrators, but it’s up to all of you now. Are you guys upset about these issues? Go out, talk to your classmates, teachers and administrators and let them know how you feel!