Not So Future Ready

Tahoma kids don’t always feel like Future Ready actually helps them.

Alexandria Buck, Staff

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” -Albert Einstein once said, but Tahoma high school doesn’t have an Albert Einstein. Some kids don’t always believe that the teaching philosophy is worth it. 

Sometimes the education system doesn’t prepare students for what comes after highschool. “Only half of U.S. students think that their high school prepared them with the knowledge and skills they need for college, according to recent data survey.” An article on The74 written by Kate Stringer. Over 1,186,700 students took that survey. 

When asked about whether or not Hailey Assink, a junior at Tahoma High School, feels prepared she said, “not really but some classes help a little. Like “ASL helps only because it is a college credit”. Assink said that she wants to work in the “dental area” but “the high school doesn’t have any classes to help prepare for it.”

Tahoma’s guidance counselor, Amy Luther, thinks differently “Some students are super prepared and some are not as prepared as they could be. I think talking about options are helpful because a four year university is not really the right path for everybody.” 

“Just exploring other options and finding what the student is passionate about is super important.” Luther said, “generally the kids who don’t know what they want to do aren’t going to a four year university.” 

“The way our system is, our school system is, I think people do more or less the best they can. I think we do need an overall school system change to prepare our students better for the future. Really allow for more and more exploration of interest while you still in highschool” Ms.Hilary Ledford said, who has been teaching for 11 years.

 “But, it’s interesting because the days that we try to do that are the days that the kids complain the most. So like those Future Ready Days which are really about hearing careers that are out there.” 

Do you feel prepared for life after high school? Do you know what you are passionate about? There is more to Future Ready days than most students think.