Tahoma High School Band Senior Prank 2019

The long awaited senior prank blows us all away.

Madison Collins, Writer

On the morning of Tuesday, June 11, Mr. Cole and all the band students witnessed one of the greatest senior pranks Tahoma has ever seen. Every inch of the walls, including the whiteboards and cabinets, were covered from floor to ceiling with yellow sticky notes. The floors were completely covered with bright orange bubble wrap. Mr. Cole’s office was completely filled with balloons up to the waist, and in the instrument storage room, every instrument locker was zip-tied shut.


“We had 20,000 sticky notes and about 2,000 balloons… and then we had 750 square feet of bubble wrap,” Senior Cameron Werner reported, “It was pretty epic.” Senior Jason Parshall also spent hours helping with this prank. He said that “it started about 4:00pm [on Monday]… and most were there until 1:30 in the morning.” According to him, there were about 19 seniors there to help and the combined total for the cost of all the materials was over 300 dollars.


Being a fun teacher with a good sense of humor, Mr. Cole enjoyed the prank and even brought other staff members in to show them what the seniors had done to his classroom and office. Everyone was amazed by the crazy transformation of the band room.


Although it required a lot of time, money and effort, all the band students had a good laugh and truly enjoyed the prank. “[It was] hard labor but it was so worth it to see the look on everyone’s faces when they came in that morning” Parshall said. The 2019 Tahoma band seniors set the bar pretty high with this prank. What will Tahoma’s future seniors do in years to come?