A Class Just For Plants

Sara Lynn Scheuffele

 When people think of plant science they may think it sounds uninteresting, but to many people, it’s more than just an FFA  (Future Farmers of America) focused class. Plant Science is a chance for students to understand their environment hands on which is something you wouldn’t find in traditional classrooms. It also allows them to let go of the everyday stress and gives students a chance to give back to their community whether it be working at Elk Run, Lake Wilderness Arboretum, or Volunteering with the county on our local parks.

During the year, students learn about more than just plants; they learn the rewards of hard work and achieving their goals. It allows students to learn how to do work hand and hand with not only one another but with other professional adults. Like Maria from elk run farm; plant science students are her second-hand helpers, they plant vegetables and fruits that they grew from seeds and continue managing them till harvest and by helping maintain the farm they benefiting the community and the class is continuing to grow as more people are seeing the importance of this class for example; Clare Nance, now a plant sciences teacher, got her students involved with the farm, Clare saw an opportunity to deepen the partnership. She included Elk Run Farm in her curriculum, and we haven’t looked back.”   said Maria Anderson (Elk Run farm manager).

students in this particular program get to harvest vegetables,wash and pack them for distribution to the food banks,put the planting beds to rest for the winter,plant cover crop seeds,chop up the cover crop they planted,start seeds in the greenhouse,bring the plants to the farm,and plant them in the ground. Therefore Having a class that benefits not only the community it is also rewarding to the students themselves and can benefits their future in the long run if they are will to put in the time and hard work.