AP Exam Week

Izzi Hill and Jayda Macatangay

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Two weeks of last-minute studying, hundreds of multiple choice questions, and thousands of words worth of free response questions have once again wrapped up at Tahoma High School: AP Exam Weeks. Whether students have taken one exam or 4+, AP Exam test takers have been in for at least a month of wild schedules to prep for and take the tests that cover the topics they have been learning. So, now that exams are over, what can we learn from this 2019 AP Exam experience? Teachers, students, behold: here are 3 things AP students expect from their teachers/students during AP exam weeks (for future reference).

Little to No Tests:

AP Students already have one of the biggest tests of the school year occurring, so scheduling other tests during this timeframe is setting students up for an extra high level of stress. Junior Thomas French explained, “I would like to not have tests surrounding the [exams] week, I have enough tests to worry about.” French, like many other AP students, took more than one exam this year, which adds pressure on spreading out study time for multiple subjects that have exams in the same span of time. With fewer tests surrounding AP week, it allows for maximum study time for AP exams.

Less Homework:

AP exams require copious amounts of focused studying. Coupled along with 7 hours of school as well as 8 classes of homework, students may be caught in a time crunch. “Honestly, I just don’t want any homework during the [exams] week.” Sophomore Cate Thorpe stated. Consideration of less homework in students’ non-exam classes can lessen stress and provide focus on the exams, while also allowing these students do not have to cut out many regularly scheduled activities to compensate for the more rigorous stress load during the exams season.


In the aspect of patience, there are many things students expect of their teachers. For some, it’s simply just pushing back due dates, or even allowing an extra day or two for those taking exams to catch up on work. Junior Sarah Ward, who took 3 AP exams, said “My workload increases when I have AP Exams… teachers can help with exam weeks by extending due dates beyond the regular policy. I missed two consecutive gold days, so I had more work to make up than usual with less time to do it.” By allowing lenience on the completion of homework, students will be less mentally strained during this time of year, as this allows a less compacted schedule during the crucial period of studying for and taking AP exams.

Though exams have covered what we’ve learned this past year,  we’ve also learned from exams week. Students strive to improve each year with scheduling and study tips, but with the consideration of these factors, teachers and faculty, as well as other students, can maximize the potential of these ambitious test takers.