Detective Pikachu: A Thunderbolt of Fun

Chris Stallard, Staff

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The Pokemon community was stirred in finding that there would be a live-action production for the story of Detective Pikachu. They had many concerns, the main ones being Ryan Reynolds starring as Pikachu, and how the Pokemon characters would look in 3D. To their surprise, the release of the movie in theaters on May 10th left fans and non-fans alike astounded.

Detective Harry Goodman (Ryan Reynolds), goes missing, which leaves Tim (Justice Smith), his son, to track him down. During his pursuit, he and Harry’s Pokemon Pikachu, meet and discover that they can understand each other. They work together from then on to find out just what happened to Harry.

It was expected by many for Pokemon to look weird in a 3D format; however, the movie did excellent work bringing them to our world. The only Pokemon I could vouch for not traveling well into 3D was Mewtwo. And because of the obscure choice of story, with a disconnection from the rest of the Pokemon universe, he was able to make a story that one could follow and enjoy with little to no background knowledge.

Detective Pikachu’s comedy factor came from Rob Letterman’s choice of starring Ryan Reynolds. Many thought this was a bad decision at first, but when pulled into the story, he worked perfectly. Reynold’s tone and way of expression with his voice was a perfect fit for the jokes that came with the role.

Despite presumptions about the movie, most agree that it turned out great. It had wonderful comedy, unexpectedly good graphics, and a surprisingly well-chosen cast. I recommend the watch.