Paws up for Tahomas dress code

A compromise for following the dress code.


Makenna Figlenski and Katie Zielinski

         It’s that time of year again!  The sun’s out and you’re dying to wear your new crop top or off-the-shoulder blouse without being called out for disobeying the dress code. Well, there are SO many ways to turn a basic outfit into something cute and dress code acceptable.

         With the sunny weather coming, girls are rocking spring dresses and the boys are wearing cargo shorts with Vans sneakers. Side note ladies: make sure your fingertips don’t pass the bottom of the dress. Unfortunately, the same applies to tops. Ladies and gentlemen both need to make sure their fashionable tanks have at least three-inch straps, because that shoulder of yours can be super scandalous.

Sophomore, Makenna Figlenski walking into spring with a floral print dress

         Freshman, Megan Schultz says some of her favorite summer trends are “tank tops, shorts and, probably flip flops.” Regarding the school dress code, she states, “it’s pretty appropriate but teachers should be more flexible with the rule about tank tops. Other than that, it’s perfect.”

        However, Schultz thinks girls should have more freedom with what shirts and footwear they choose. She says, “ girls should be able to wear flip flops and shirts that make themselves feel good”. Well, Schultz’s compromise is to wear a jacket over her shirt and takes it off after school.  In addition, teachers should give students a warning the first time they are dress coded instead of sending them home.

        Sophomore, Bridget Nolan quotes “ As a high schooler, we should have a little more freedom on what we want to wear during the bit of hot weather we get, to be able to express ourselves through what we wear, to a certain extent of appropriateness.”

          To add, there are a variety of ways to rock denim these days, from ripped jeans [to a certain degree]. As well as, colored denim jackets; the possibilities are endless! And you can’t forget about those lazy days! Most guys roll into class wearing a T-shirt and shorts. As for girls, they wear a sweatshirt and leggings w/ a pair of Birkenstock’s or vans.                                                  




          Another common clothing item we see guys and some girls wearing are baseball caps. These are great to rock when you don’t want to do your hair up all cute at 6:30 in the morning.

          All in all, there are a variety of ways to rock an awesome spring outfit to school while still respecting our school’s rules. Now, that’s a rap on the dress code, keep your paws up cause you never know who’s watchin’.