The People Behind The Pancakes

Wednesday mornings At Tahoma High School


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A representation of our morning Tahoma Pancakes, made by students and volunteers, every Wednesday.

Caitlin Nguyen and Alyssa Stern

The aroma of buttery softness and sweet candied syrup fills each hallway, it draws in students and staff everywhere to come eat the pancakes. At Tahoma High School, free pancakes are served each Wednesday morning with a smile. What doesn’t always catch the eye, are the people behind the pancakes.

Cameran Larsen a twelfth grader and Nic Olsen an eleventh grader, are just two of the few faces behind the pancakes. Spending their own free time, and waking up early are just a few factors Olsen, and Larsen have to deal with. But still Olsen wakes up every Wednesday being able to think “Oh cool, I get to wake up early. [and] make pancakes.” Both having the kindest personalities and the best outlooks on every situation.

Olsen arrives early at school at 6:45 and Larsen, 6:15, but both devote their time toward making pancakes, especially for those that, “rely on it on Wednesday mornings, and there’s a lot of kids that don’t get breakfast at home.” As said by Larsen. This Senior and Junior couple wakes up every Wednesday morning not only to get to see each other, and spend time with their fellow schoolmates, but also to help other students.

By providing free pancakes and a smile with every served meal, they have made a difference in their school. Although they have to wake up early, the feeling of making pancakes for their community, is what keeps them going. Larsen has been making these pancakes for three years, starting off from her mom. Olsen has been doing it for two years now and said, “You get really good at flipping pancakes, and making batter.”

Olsen and Larsen are just a few of the students at Tahoma High School that show the ability to make people smile while also having fun. So next Wednesday before school, be sure to grab yourself some pancakes, and share a smile. As well as, take some time to acknowledge the people behind the pancakes.