North West High School Film Festival 2019

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North West High School Film Festival 2019

Sophie Smith, Writer

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On May 13th Tahoma Video Productions attended the North West High School FIlm festival. The northwest high school film festival is one of the largest high school film festivals in the country. It gives students in the puget sound region the opportunity to win awards for the hard work they’ve put into their films. Students are given written feedback from the panel of judges who are industry professionals and educators. With it being the largest high school film festival in western Washington means it comes with some tough competition.

This year Tahoma had three winning films. The High Rider, a satire/mockumentary film done by senior Zach Robinson, The Tarzan Documentary, done by Senior Caroline Lathrop, and Krispy Kreme Jive, done by now graduates Bennett Campbell, CJ Jackson, and Jake Marston.

Zach Robinson describes his film as an, “over the top western,” making it the perfect satire film. “I decided to enter the film because I think it is one of my best pieces of work and it was always by goal to win a high school film festival award,” says Robinson.

The Tarzan Documentary takes us behind the scene of the Spring Musical from last year here at Tahoma which was a big production. “I was really proud of that film, it is a film much bigger than I have ever done before” said Lathrop.

Not only did Tahoma bring home three awards of excellence for their films, but Caroline Lathrop won the Jdogg scholarship. The scholarship is given out to one high school filmmaker each year at the festival. It is a major achievement.

“It is an incredible opportunity that is really going to open so many doors for me,” states Lathrop.

This year the competition was tougher than ever but the Tahoma Video productions team was came home with three wins of some incredible films.