NBA Playoffs

Max Zerbato, Journalism Student

 The first round of the playoffs has had it’s interesting moments and it’s boring moments. Every first round matchup has been five or four games or is on pace for five or four games other then the Nuggets Vs Spurs. The Nuggets and Spurs currently are going to a game 6 at 3-2 Nuggets.

The Portland Trailblazers and Oklahoma Thunder series was finished on Tuesday the 23rd on a Damian Lillard three point buzzer beater. This was one of the most wild shots and gives the Blazers Plenty of Momentum going into their second round series.

     Out in the Eastern Conference the Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Nets in 5 games on a dominating game 5 performance. The story line of this series was the beef between Ben Simmons and Jared Dudley, after Dudley said that Simmons was “Average in the half court offense”. Then in game 4 Joel Embiid had a hard foul on Jarrett Allen which made Jared Dudley push Embiid and following that Jimmy Butler shoved Jared Dudley. The results of this were that Jimmy Butler and Jared Dudley got ejected. This was a fun series but a mismatch nonetheless as Philadelphia wins 4-1. The Bucks and Celtics both swept their way through the first round and will be playing each other in the second round. And after losing game 1 to the Orlando Magic, The Toronto Raptors won the series convincingly 4-1.

       The Golden State Warriors are currently up 3-1 over the Los Angeles Clippers and are the favorites by many to win the NBA Finals for a third straight year. And the Rockets lost game four against the Utah Jazz after being up 3-0 and will look to close them out in Houston. The Second round of the Eastern Conference is all set and it will be a bloodbath. The Boston Celtics will be playing the Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers will be playing the Toronto Raptors.

These are 4 great teams that all have championship aspirations and our real contenders in this league.

     With Lebron James out of the Eastern Conference it should be a fun playoffs to watch as many fans have the feeling that anyone can win it. And in the west many feel that the Warriors look more vulnerable than ever before which gives the league more parody which everyone enjoys. This year’s playoffs is much see TV And it should be a joy to see these teams go at it.