How to stay focused on your goals

Kylie Miller, Staff

Everybody has goals in life, whether it be an exercise goal, an academic goal or something entirely different. Sadly,  people often end up getting bored of their goal or thinking it is impossible to achieve because it take to long or seems to difficult.


Keep the list small


A person can only keep track of so many goals so keeping the amount of goals you set to minimum is key. It’s hard to keep track of your water drinking habits if you also have to remember that you can’t eat over 2000 calories a day, read 100 pages of your newest book, find a job, and give out 10 compliments, all on top of actually living.


Have a reason why


Nobody wants to do something without a reason. If there is no reason to complete a goal, a person isn’t gonna want to work at it. When struggling it’s easy to give up but, if you have a reason why, it’s easy to just think of that reason and keep going. It’s essential to have a goal because if you don’t there is nothing to look forward to when the goal is finally achieved.


Create a plan


Everything is easier to do with instructions, so make sure to write some down just in case. These plans could consist of how to achieve the goal, a timeline of when you should be at certain points and many other things to keep on track. It’s also a good idea to include some form of motivation into your plan, like pictures or phrases.


Set milestones


Remember to set some checkpoints or milestones. It’s nice to set these because it’s just a little celebration while working to the big goal, like a pat on the back. If it’s a big milestone, for example, if you have a goal to be an all A student, if half of your grades are A’s, try treating yourself. Buy some ice cream and enjoy that or maybe enjoy a night off. This makes it seem like the end goal isn’t that far away.


Find a way to track your goals


There’s no point in having a goal if there’s no way to track it. If the goal is to exercise more but, how many times the person exercises is unknown there’s gonna be a problem. One good way to track goals are writing it down somewhere everyday at the end of the day.


Forgive yourself


The main thing to remember with a goal is that everyone makes mistakes or stray’s from their goal from time to time. Remember that this isn’t a reason to stop your goal and it’s nothing to beat yourself up about. It happens, so when a mistake is made, move on instead of dwelling on it.


Everyone has goals but, sometimes it is a pain to achieve them and maintain them. However by following the steps above, hopefully stress and anxiety will decrease and lots of people will be able to finally achieve their goals.