The Problem With Pep

Why don't Tahoma students enjoy pep assemblies?


Jimmy DeVos, Staff

Pep assembly November 2018 students pumped up for the event. By Vincent Giurado




Roaring crowd, school spirit pulsing throughout, and dance battles are things you may find at a Tahoma pep assembly. Some love it, some have a burning hatred for these events. Whenever Tahoma puts on a pep assembly you’ll see a portion of Tahoma students not participating in the event. Is it the almost chaotic atmosphere or are students just not attending just to stick it to the man?


Senior spirit leader Zach Klobutcher has some insight.“ A lot of people just don’t like the noise and don’t like being in those crowds, some people think school spirit is lame.” Zach Klobutcher gave a unique perspective of what a spirit leader feels about the topic, a lot of students would like to put their two cents on it also. A poll was made which was anonymous and the results gave an insight into the reasons why people dislike pep assemblies.


“Why or why not are Tahoma pep assemblies important?” was one of the questions asked on the poll, answers varied from “They aren’t” to “ They are pointless”. There were some negative responses, but there was some that did believe that Tahoma pep assemblies were important. A Tahoma Sophomore respond to the question with “Pep assemblies are a form of bringing people together through  forms of games, competition, and song.”

While there are many students who have negative things to say about Tahoma pep assemblies, overall it isn’t completely hated and people can have great high school memories at the events. Students can find memorable moments that they can carry with them for life. There are a variety of activities done at the events so that every student can have an enjoyable time.

At the end of the day Tahoma pep assemblies aren’t meant to be loved by everyone. It isn’t about who can cheer the loudest or make the most noise. Pep assemblies are more than that. Pep assemblies try to bring the 2,700 students together who all have one thing in common. They’re a bear.