What’s the best music app: According to Tahoma students?

Kylie Miller, Staff

At Tahoma High School,  it’s hard to find a kid that isn’t listening to music, a common pastime of teens and with all the listening going on, a question arises, what’s the most popular music app kids use?

To narrow this down the first thing to do is to make a list of popular music apps.

  • Google play
  • Spotify
  • Apple music
  • Amazon Music
  • Youtube Music
  • Pandora
  • Soundcloud

These are the top 10 most popular music apps that people use, although, this article is about finding the most popular one. Many Tahoma students know that most of the time Soundcloud is the place people go to for remixes or less common songs and the description on the app store informs you can also only download a certain amount of minutes worth of songs to listen to, for this reason it’s the first one out. Next comes Pandora, it only got 4% of the votes on a  Tahoma News poll, and despite it being a good app and easy to use, it boasts a low amount of songs, only 2 million, this may seem like a lot but isn’t that much when compared to the 40 million songs on Google Play. Speaking of Google Play, like both the other two apps only got 4% of the votes. This one was placed higher on the list because of its extensive list of songs.

Next up is Youtube, with roughly 8% of the votes going to Youtube it beats the last 3 apps, people who use it say they like all the options, they can watch remixes, music videos, covers, the possibilities are endless. Taking 2nd place is a tie between Apple music and Amazon music, each getting 16.7% of the votes. Tahoma student Eden Atwood says she uses Apple music because, “it doesn’t require Internet if I’ve downloaded the music straight to my phone. It’s simple.” whereas for people who already use a lot of Amazon products like freshman Preston Campbell, “It’s just easier”.

Now for the last one, the most popular music app at Tahoma, everybody saw it coming, the winner, is, Spotify. People are absolutely in love with spotify for many reasons such as it’s extensive list of songs over 35 million, it’s simplicity is also a big plus for many people. People also love it for all of it’s options, don’t want to make your own playlist, look up someone else’s and use theirs instead. Spotify is the most popular music app at Tahoma grossing over 45% of the votes, almost half.

Music is a great way to pass the time and now everybody who made it this far in the article knows what app to use, Spotify. Not just for it’s amazing uses but, to keep up with the trends at Tahoma. Ultimately all music apps are good in their own ways, Spotify is just a bit more popular than other apps.