Effective Organization and Study Skills- Tips and Tricks from the Tahoma Community

Katie Welsh and Emily Hilverda

Studying properly can mean the difference between a pass and a fail. Millions of students all over the world have trouble studying, and here are some tips and tricks that can be extremely beneficial.

Tahoma teachers and students all have developed ways to improve their study and learning skills. From setting aside time each day to study to trying something new each time, here are some of the best ways Tahomies have found to study.

“Use different ways, and change it up each time,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Jennifer Hassmann. She recommended not just trying to simply memorize information.

Mr. Todd Baker also said that the “lack of study habits” was a problem he had  noticed. Students may not have realized that they had a quiz until the night before, and didn’t get the review time that they needed. He suggested using a planner so that you know when there’s a test or important event.

Students had ideas as well. Sophomore Jazmine Devore was asked what her go-to way of studying is, and she had said that “reading over [her] notes, and writing down the most important part again.” Repetition is effective in getting information to stay in your brain. This eliminates excessive work and trying to review things you already knew.  

In addition, senior Lacey Doyal was interviewed, and she said that she recommends “going to Power Hour, so you can get help.” Power Hour is a very valuable tool in getting work done, and planning your time wisely is an important factor in studying effectively. Study the way that fits you best, and keep it interesting for yourself. Power Hour is a tool, not just an hour-long lunch, so use it wisely!

Photo credits: Emily Hilverda