Spooky Season

October 24, 2022

Spooky Season is upon us and that means you’re probably wondering what your fellow students are doing during this time of the month.
We interviewed some of the sophomore students at Tahoma High School: Lily Andrew, Ben Houghton, and Sarah Edwin.

The most common things and activities to do during Halloween and Fall seem to be visiting haunted houses, trick or treating, and hanging out with friends.
Most students enjoy being outside as the season changes and holidays come up.
During 2020, most people stayed inside for Halloween, with the fewest amount of people trick or treating than ever in the Maple Valley area.
But this year it’s a different story.
Students are already thinking about what kind of candy they are looking forward to receiving and what plans they have for costumes.
Lily Andrew states, “My favorite candy is Reeses Pieces,” which is  a popular type of candy this season.
On the other hand, Ben and Sarah enjoy more unique types of candy including “candy corn” as well as “gummy pizza.”
They then explained what they are planning to dress up as this Halloween.
Lily isn’t quite sure what she wants to be yet but she knows she does not want to go as “anything not school appropriate.”
Same goes for Sarah as she is indecisive of what costume to choose between  Thing One and Thing Two, or Men in Black, but she too, doesn’t want to go as anything pinterest-y such as the popular pirate or fairy costumes.
It’s always fun to look back on past years and past Halloween costumes.
We asked our peers their favorites and they came up with some cool options.
Lily says, “I was the moon and my friend was the sun, I had a headpiece with little stars on it.”
Ben enjoyed dressing up as “Josh Boyton” and he mentions how he “loves dressing up for Halloween.”
Lastly, Sarah says “my favorite costume was when I dressed up as a scarecrow.”
A fun side question our interview team added in was opinions on the best Halloween/scary movie.
At first, Lily struggled to come up with an answer.
“I don’t know… maybe Sinister. It’s really dark, but it’s also really good,” she states.
Different people find certain things and topics more scary and anxiety inducing than others.
For example, Ben had an unexpected response.
“Probably, “Will Wonka”,”’ Ben said without hesitation.
Finally, Sarah responded with a popular answer.
“ The obvious answer, of course, “IT.”’
Throughout our series of interviews and the process we underwent, we have come to the conclusion that, “IT” is one of the most popular movies in this spooky time in 2022.
Visiting haunted houses, trick or treating, and hanging out with friends are the most popular events and activities to experience this year for Halloween.
As this spooky season approaches us fast, we must try to make the most out of it!!
Have fun this Halloween!

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