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  • January 23Almost, Maine Opens January 25th, 2019
  • October 30Powderpuff Football game is Thursday, Nov. 1st @ 7:00 PM
  • May 12Boys and Girls Track are NPSL League Champs!

2017-2018 Staff

Natalie Brown

My name is Natalie, I am a senior in Tahoma High School. I guess this is where I tell you a bit about myself,  I enjoy playing video games, art  and listening to music.

Rylee Cass

Hello! My name is Rylee and I am a 15 year old Freshman with a love for music, philosophy, fandoms and creative writing. I play the violin for Maple Valley Youth Symphony and I ride horses at Stoneridge Equestrians.

Logan Radcliffe

I'm a senior here in the first graduating class of the New Tahoma High School, and I am working for the school Newspaper in my Media Literacy and Journalism class. I play guitar and piano, I'm a car guy and I like cold vacations...

Alek Fleischer

Senior, music composer, sometimes game developer, always bad opinion haver.

Jerry Abson

Currently a Junior. Interested in Journalism and Interviews. Into prominence, conflict, usefulness, and novelty. ...

Keegan Culp

Hey, y'all. My name is Keegan. I am a senior that's born in Seattle and matured in the South. My passion is sports and I hope that I'll bring you guys some good quality sports content. Have a great day y'all and God bless.

Stephanie Melgoza

I am currently a Sophomore at Tahoma High School. I care about the student body and what they have to say. I enjoy talking to new people every day and building friendships.

Racheal Rigtrup

Racheal Rigtrup

I am a Junior here at Tahoma. Hopefully, you will love my articles.

Christina Ring

I am a junior at Tahoma High School, I am involved in the drama program and have been since seventh grade. I have wanted to be a journalist for a long time and want to pursue it later in life as a potential career choice later...

Carson McCoy

Freshman at Tahoma High School

Carolyn Crowder

I am currently a sophomore at Tahoma High School, and I value my opportunity to write for the Tahoma News.

Brenna Wallace

I am a Sophomore at Tahoma High School. I like being able to voice my opinion on topics and having it be available for all the community to see.

Anika Wilson

I am a junior at Tahoma High School and I am involved in the track program as well as other clubs around the school. I have been high jumping since 6th grade and wish to jump in college, as well as study journalism or law.

Hannah Molnar

Hello! I'm Hannah and I'm a senior this year. I enjoy mint ice cream, the show New Girl, and studying the Constitution. Sometimes, all at the same time!

Daniela Barros

I am a Freshmen at Tahoma high school. Photography is my number one hobby and I enjoy to do it in my free time. I have a passion for opinion piece articles, it shows an opinionated side of me that I don't usually show. My preferred...

Chase Beyer

Hello, I'm Chase Beyer I enjoy sports Anticipated Graduation 2018  

Kaitlyn Farnsworth

I am a senior at Tahoma High School. I am a senior editor on the yearbook staff, which I have been a part of since sophomore year. I am also on the dance team. I like writing, and I hope to work on journalism after high school.

Emiri Nishizawa

I currently attend Tahoma High School as a Sophomore student. I enjoy analyzing numbers as well as math. I also have a passion for sports. I myself swim and have swum for the Tahoma Girls Swim and Dive team for the past two years,...

Sherri Lee

I am a senior this year at Tahoma High School I have a passion for writing mainly about women's issues, and anything involving female related topics, but I can definitely get on board with anything.

Rae Hall

Junior at Tahoma high school with a passion for photography. I like dogs AND cats as well as almost any other animal. I love the theatre, so I became stage crew. My main writing interests are politics and women's issues, but I...

Austin Grant

I am a senior and I am very involved at the high school. I am a part of leadership and I participate in the athletics programs. I have had a passion for journalism for a long time and I hope to study sports journalism when I go...

Cavin Eggleston

Adviser for Media Literacy and Journalism and Adviser of the Ki-Ah-Yu Yearbook

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