“Welcome to MORP!”

Said no one ever… except for the 15 people who showed up.

The MORP dance has been a hot topic floating around the school lately.

What happened?

Did anyone show up?

Was it worth it?

The answer is no.

From the unclear theme to the sudden release date, MORP was bound to flop.

We believe that there were more teachers than students who showed up.

Although, us writers don’t have much information on the event since there are only a few videos and photos as well as a small attendance rate.

If anyone remembers middle school dances – this was apparently worse.

Sami, a student here at Tahoma High School, explains the reasons why no one showed up, “It was a good idea and could have had a ton of potential in becoming a tradition within Tahoma but unfortunately that is not the case. The idea of it being informal and twin themed was foul and not the best idea they could have come up with.”

If the dance was more organized and planned better we can only assume that it would’ve been more popular.

Sami notes that “if the dance had been formal, I would’ve gone.”

Many students agree with the fact that if the dance had been as big of a deal as Homecoming or something like a Winter Formal, and also had a formal dress code, it would’ve been more appealing and exciting for the students.

Many students were busy with Spring Sports tryouts and practices, a lot of teenagers here have been busy around this time of year; MORP evidently became an inconvenience.

Also the fact that students only had 2-3 weeks to prepare added to the unappeal.

Not to mention that MORP was the first Saturday after break, many students were not thinking about the upcoming week or plans while on break or vacation.

Overall, we hope the people who did show up enjoyed themselves and had a good time, but a planned dance would benefit a lot from the voices of our students and their input.