College Courses for Tahoma Students

Kylie Miller

The Tahoma School District started out as one of the smallest districts around. Now it is a district with some of the best student minds attending it. This is partially due to a large amount of AP and college courses available to students that students do not hesitate to enroll in. There are 35 AP/college courses at Tahoma in a variety of subjects, such as math, history, and CTE, other college courses would depend on the path a student is choosing to take.


Charisse Braun, a teacher at Tahoma says that the Freshman class has the lowest amount of available college courses, she says, “for a freshman, we only offer one course which is AP Human Geography,” this is because Tahoma High school wants to ease freshman into high school so they do not struggle in school their very first year. After freshman year, “most of the courses are self-selective,” Braun reported.


At Tahoma, there are 6 mathematics courses available to students. There are a whopping 8 science options available to students, and the highest subject is CTE and has 14 courses. English and history have the lowest amount of college courses with only 5.

The most popular courses to take are the sections of CWU English 101, AP US History, and AP Psychology. The largest enrollments though are in the various social science classes, including AP psychology.

Tahoma is a school filled with bright kids who will stop at nothing to learn and grow their minds and with all the AP courses available to students there will always be more the learn.


For more information on college courses offered at THS visit the academics section of the Tahoma High School website or just click the link provided: